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Achieve breakthroughs in AI with our outcome-focused strategy and extensive industry expertise.

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We are Hypergolic, the go-to partner for businesses with ambitious AI aspirations. We specialise in offering results-oriented AI consultancy services tailored to unique business challenges. Our deep AI product and engineering expertise set us apart, enabling us to deliver guaranteed results to our clients.

Our Approach

What sets us apart from the competition.


Guaranteed Results

Unlike others in the industry, we offer guaranteed results as part of our contractual commitment. We are confident in our expertise and speed that we can make this assurance—something even industry giants shy away from.


End-to-End Consulting

From diagnosing AI-related challenges to implementing tailored solutions, our consulting service covers the full spectrum, setting us apart from consultancies that merely offer advisory services.


360-Degree Assessment

Our unique, 7-step template includes a comprehensive, cross-functional assessment of your business. We examine not just the technical aspects but also strategic, operational, and human elements to provide a holistic solution.


Specialised Training

Our training program focuses on empowering data scientists with project structuring and efficient coding practices. This approach differentiates us, targeting the core of how to effectively build and manage AI projects, a significant step beyond basic programming tutorials.

Partners & Technology

Proven Results

Hypergolic collaborated with a real estate start-up to harness AI solutions for analysing unstructured tenant data, enhancing risk assessment and premium pricing. This strategic move reduced costs, improved operational efficiency, and established them as an innovative leader in real estate insurance.

Our board was divided on using AI. We needed to quickly create a roadmap and proof of concept to secure larger future commitments. The team at Hypergolic helped us navigate the complexities and deliver confidently.

Head of Product,
Electronics Manufacturing

We needed to provide better real-time pricing for our clients, but we didn’t have the capabilities internally to build it out. Hypergolic delivered against our complex requirements quickly and effectively. We will use them for our next initiative.

Trading Software

We knew technical debt was slowing us down, but our internal work had limited impact. Hypergolic supported our whole team and helped transform our AI productivity

Head of AI,
Personal Insurance

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